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The 'Grit Blueprint Podcast' is your go-to source for unfiltered, insightful conversations in the construction and building industry. Hosted by Stefanie Couch, this podcast dives deep into the realms of innovative marketing, strategic sales, and women's leadership, featuring industry experts and trailblazers. Tune in for powerful stories, expert advice, and the latest trends, all designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools to build a more successful, resilient business. Subscribe now and start transforming your approach with the wisdom of the 'Grit Blueprint Podcast'.

the podcast about all things building & construction... and the grit it takes to succeed in the industry.

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the grit blueprint podcast!

Learn key tactics for business growth and effective marketing, sales, and branding in the building & construction  industry.

Expert Marketing and Sales tactics

Hear from trailblazing leaders, especially women and men making an impact in construction. We will also spotlight women making a splash in the Build Women series.

Empowering Leadership Stories

Stay ahead with the latest in construction innovation and strategies. 
Listen to stories of people innovating in the industry.

Innovative Industry Insights

What you'll find on the podcast:

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