Meet Stefanie Couch, a trailblazer and thought leader in the construction industry. With a lifetime immersed in building materials and construction, Stefanie has become a formidable force in shaping the future of the sector.

Her dual roles as the founder of Build Women and BGN Brands fuse her passion for empowering women in construction with her expertise in marketing and revenue scaling.

Known for her dynamic approach and millennial perspective, Stefanie is not just a voice for women in construction, but an advocate for innovation and advancement in the field. Her insights on confidence building, AI technology, entrepreneurship, and brand development have made her a sought-after speaker and consultant.

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Stefanie Couch, a visionary and millennial thought leader in the construction industry, brings a dynamic blend of traditional knowledge and modern innovation. Her journey, deeply rooted in the construction world, has fostered a profound understanding of the industry, shaping her into a pioneering construction industry speaker. Stefanie's passion for AI technology, marketing innovation, and women's leadership is evident in her powerful speaking engagements.

At the helm of Build Women and BGN Brands, Stefanie leads with cutting-edge strategies in AI and marketing, transforming the building industry. She excels in her fractional marketing leadership roles, offering businesses tailored strategies for market success. Stefanie's expertise extends to personal branding, where she guides individuals and companies in crafting impactful personal narratives, enhancing their market presence.

Her approach in sales optimization is equally innovative, blending industry-specific insights with modern sales tactics to drive growth and scalability. As an expert in building industry marketing, Stefanie's insights are invaluable for businesses looking to leverage the latest trends in AI and marketing for growth.

Stefanie's unique ability to connect and deliver thought-provoking content makes her an invaluable asset for any event, consultation, or project. Her expertise not only spans construction but also encompasses personal branding, business scaling, and sales optimization, making her the quintessential guide for those aiming to elevate their presence in the construction industry. Stefanie Couch stands as the epitome of innovation, leadership, and strategic growth in the modern construction landscape.

Stefanie Couch is not just a voice in the construction industry; she is a powerhouse of innovation, strategic growth, and transformative leadership. Her expertise in AI technology, marketing, personal branding, and sales optimization makes her an unparalleled asset for your business or event. Whether you're looking to elevate your brand, scale your business, or gain cutting-edge industry insights, Stefanie is the catalyst for your success. Don't miss the opportunity to harness her unique blend of skills and knowledge. Act now to book Stefanie Couch for your next speaking event, consultation, or project, and take the first step towards transforming your aspirations into achievements. Reach out today to bring Stefanie's dynamic and impactful expertise to your team, event, or business strategy.

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Stefanie Couch's journey in the millwork and building industry is deeply personal and professionally distinguished. Growing up in a family-run retail lumber business, she gained invaluable insights from the ground up, witnessing firsthand the intricacies and challenges of the trade. This early exposure laid the foundation for her profound understanding and passion for the industry.

Her experience expanded significantly during a decade-long tenure with a Fortune 500 building materials distributor. Here, Stefanie honed her skills in large-scale operations, learning the nuances of dealer and distribution scaling and contributing significantly to the growth and development of the organization. This experience enriched her expertise, particularly in understanding the complexities of millwork production, sales operations, and market dynamics.

In her career, Stefanie has been instrumental in driving growth for Greenfield startups, leveraging her deep industry knowledge and strategic acumen. In marketing and branding, she stands out as a leader, adept in crafting compelling narratives and innovative branding strategies that resonate in today's digital and AI-driven market.

As a speaker and trainer, Stefanie shares her wealth of experience, offering rich insights into operational excellence, strategic marketing, and business growth. Her advocacy for women's leadership in construction is marked by her efforts to empower female professionals, fostering inclusive environments for individual and collective success.

Stefanie's approach to team building and leadership development is rooted in her comprehensive industry experience, from her family lumber business to her significant role in a major building materials distributor. Her blend of personal insight and professional excellence makes her an invaluable asset to anyone in the millwork and building industry looking for guidance, growth, or transformation. Engaging with Stefanie means accessing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and innovative strategies essential for success in the ever-evolving world of construction and building.

In addition to her profound expertise in the millwork and building industry, Stefanie Couch is a recognized personal branding expert on LinkedIn. Her mastery of the platform demonstrates her adeptness in leveraging social media for professional growth and networking. Stefanie's approach to personal branding on LinkedIn is both strategic and authentic, enabling her to build a strong, influential presence that resonates with her audience.

Her skills extend into the realms of social selling and digital marketing, areas where she excels in creating engaging content and strategies that drive business growth. Stefanie understands the power of digital platforms in today's market, and she skillfully utilizes these tools to enhance visibility, engage with key audiences, and foster professional connections. Her proficiency in digital marketing and social selling is a testament to her ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of online marketing.

By combining her deep industry knowledge with her expertise in LinkedIn branding, social selling, and digital marketing, Stefanie Couch offers a comprehensive skill set that is invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their online presence and drive business success in the construction and building industry. Her unique blend of traditional industry insight and modern marketing savvy makes her an essential partner for businesses and professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of today's digital marketplace.

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A forefront advocate and dynamic speaker highlighting innovation, development, education, and women's empowerment in construction, inspiring change and growth.

Expert in crafting impactful marketing strategies and sales optimization, coupled with experience in scaling businesses for market success.

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Deep-rooted experience in construction and building, providing authentic and comprehensive building industry insights.


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